Fitness.Trail started with a simple goal to make fitness enjoyable, sustainable & accessible.


We want to change the conventional perspective of fitness & health and encourage individuals to look beyond weight loss, muscle gains and fad diets.

Our workouts are designed to challenge your body & mind in various fitness disciplines like:  

  • Mobility & Flexibility 

  • Strength & Endurance

  • Agility & Coordination

  • Body & Mind Awareness

  • Cardio Health


Fitness.Trail is an attempt to promote a holistic approach to fitness and also highlight the importance of having a positive mindset.



“I believe your fitness journey teaches you a lot about yourself, your body & mind. It makes you realise that anything & everything is achievable.”

Shivangi’s sports journey started at the age of 5 at a basketball summer camp, since then there has been no looking back. She continued playing various sports at the State and National level throughout her school and college life. 


After working as a business development manager in New Delhi, Shivangi moved to Australia to pursue her M.B.A in Marketing & Sports Marketing.

Her interest in fitness encouraged her to take up running, obstacle course races, military fit workouts and motivated her to complete her certification from the Australian Fitness Academy. 

She continued working in the corporate sector in Melbourne before returning to India to fully pursue her passion for sports and fitness.


Shivangi started Fitness.Trail with the vision of encouraging and motivating people to exercise for the right reasons. ​

She believes staying healthy is not just limited to that one hour of exercise but about making small positive lifestyle changes that enable sustainable results.